Residential Water Filters

NWA-Fontis has a wide variety of high quality filters to solve your toughest water quality problems.


If iron, sulphide or manganese are causing staining, clogged pipes or soap problems look no further than Fontis. Our Fontis brand water softeners automatically remove traces of iron in your water supply. However, for tough iron problems we recommend a Fontis Iron Filter. Both Ferrous and Feric Iron can be easily removed with either our Zentec models.


To solve your silt, sand or suspended solids problems in your water

we recommend our Fontis sediment filters.


To remove unpleasant taste and strange odors from your family’s water supply

we suggest you install a Fontis carbon Filter.

Iron/Carbon/Sediment Filters

Fontis MZ5

System Features:

-12 volt wall mounted transformer

-Control monitor with microprocessor to log each days water usage

-Attractive, Efficient and Compact Design

-Better flow rates while using less water to regenerate

-Large universal motor

-3 cycle controller

-clack valve

-10 year warranty

-3/4" Twistloc quick connect tailkit

Are you afraid of what's in your tap water?

For the cottage owner drawing water straight from the lake...

The only answer is our Fontis MZ5 filter.

This high performance filter is produced from a unique mineral deposit having high surface area and porosity. The surface of the MZ5 features microscopic mineral projections that allow particulate to penetrate deeply into the bed. This filter provides you with an unprecedented quality of water all NSF approved.


Fontis MZ5 System Features


-Higher solid loading capabilities to reduce backwash frequency and conserve water.

-Savings! - The MZ5 costs less than $10 per year to operate.

-Enhanced filtration performance provides higher quality water, helping to reduce downstream equipment costs.

-Lower pressure loss allows for higher flow rates.

-There is no longer a need to change filter cartridges.

-The MZ5 removes particulate to an incredible 5 micron rating!

-Great for UV pre-treatment.

-10 year warranty.

-3/4" Twistloc quick connect tail kit.



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